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Why Blog?

Submitted by on March 22, 2015 – 9:44 am

Why do you blog? What’s in it for you and your reader?

  blogging, social media, feedbackBlogging and social networking are inextricably linked in the sense that both contain certain features and certain properties of one another. Both are aimed at creating a wide movement as far as multimedia interaction is concerned. Though it is true that blogs can be restricted and kept very private, the main purpose of them is to reach out to a number of people, to have a medium to voice your opinion and to hear theirs.

The origination of the term ‘blog’ is interesting. It was initially called a ‘weblog’ meaning a log or a diary or a journal that helps you to record your thoughts on a day to day basis. Early on ‘blogging’ was in its primitive stages and did not turn into an instrument for sharing your thoughts and ideas with the online masses immediately. The original ‘weblog’ term was later shortened to blog and it was around that time when free blogging services like Blogger became very popular.

Blogging has come to be considered a highly effective marketing tool. You can easily create awareness of your product or service, and encourage clients and customers to interact with you and each other. Aside from your customers, those who are relatively new to your product or service offerings have a platform to ask questions and clear the air about your product or service.246939-20140907

Search engines favor blogs. Blogs help to increase your search rankings because you are frequently updating and adding new blog content (posts) consistently and frequently (we hope), helping to generate commenting and discussions with and between your followers. Because of your consistent blogging activity, your search and traffic rankings improve, and your content is shared with others creating more awareness of your products and services .

Be consistent with your blog content and watch your traffic increase from first time visitors and repeat readers of your content. Share valuable content and you and your readers will surely benefit from what you’ve taken the time to write about and share with others.

There are many of us who are ‘bloggers’ for the sole or main purpose of sharing our ideas, concerns, and dreams with others. We may not have a product to sell or give away, or a service that folks obtain from us. We simply use blogging as a platform for and method of reaching out to others to share our point of view, to share helpful tips, and to gain insight into what others have to share with us.
Blogging is a great way to come in touch with people from across the globe. You can surf and visit other people’s blogs; and on blog posts that you find relevant to your interests, write a genuine comment providing your feedback on the particular post.

If you aren’t already blogging, posting on social networks, or tweeting, you need to get started now, and see what doors open for you thanks to the world of blogging and social media. If you are already active in one or more of these areas, we hope you will continue to add value and help change for the positive the lives of those you come in contact with. Thanks for connecting with me and for taking the time to read my posts and share with others. Enjoy!

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