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Submitted by on January 4, 2014 – 12:49 am

Good morning and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!!

I just realized that I had a setting set that didn’t allow anyone to comment on posts; I fixed that and now if you are a subscriber you will be able to post your comments on my posts. Please note that I still must monitor all comments due to the excessive amounts of spam comments that have been attempting to be added to the site. There will be a delay (sorry) in my review and releasing of the comments that are left. And, if I deem it to be spam or selling products it will be deleted. Sorry – got a bunch of those too! I am looking for only serious readers/subscribers, and those that would truly like to share valuable information related to each post that is of interest.

From time to time you will see posts where I include information on products and services that I am interested in, an affiliate of the company offering the products and/or services, and I do earn commissions from those offerings. However, my main goal of each post is to provide valuable information to my readers, and hope that the post is past on to others, and should there be a product/service offering of interest that the reader will investigate it further to see if it something of value to their (your) business and/or personal life!

Thanks for being a subscriber, I hope to have this blog serve as a great resource for you!

FYI…Here’s the link to my daily Internet & Network Marketing newsletter: http://networkmarketingdaily.com

As a reminder, please note that we are an affiliate of Amazon, Coach Glue, Content Sparks, NOW Lifestyle, OptinMonster, Rebrandable Traffic, Kris Clicks, GetResponse, and other companies where we may earn reseller fees and commissions if a visitor makes a purchase after clicking on one of our images, posts, or links and visits the advertiser's website.

Thank you for visiting our website, we hope to see you again!

Mike Conkey

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