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Tips on Getting Genuine Feedback from Your Customers

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Tips on Getting Genuine Feedback from Your Customers


How do you explain why a certain landing page had a higher conversion rate than another?

145830-20140907Why do some of your customers always open your emails and engage with you while others only do so occasionally?

These are just some of the myriad questions any marketer would ask concerning customer behavior toward their product and/or services. While there are amazing analytic tools that can give you a clear picture of user behavior, real feedback from your customers is the best way of knowing what they want, what their pain points are and the little nuisances about your product that they would like solved.

Here are a few of the most effective and reasonably affordable ways to hear what your customers think of your product:


Bring in target customers to test user experience


Getting someone to test the usability of your product can be invaluable in eliminating imminent problems and in turn enhancing user experience.

The rule of thumb is to select a small group of trusted users. Ideally, they should have some experience in your niche or they should be people who would naturally fall into your target segment.

Offer them the opportunity to use your product without any guidance and record their experience. At the end of the test, there will be happy and disgruntled users- both types of feedback count.


Incentivize your customers to participate in a contest


This is an underused strategy when it comes to generating feedback. On one hand, it seems as though incentivizing customers is bribing them to offer positive feedback. But, it does not have to work that way.

For example, if you are looking for a great title for your new book, you could ask your customers to enter a contest to come up with the best title idea. The person who suggests the winning title will get the book free.

Contests like these are not only effective at generating user feedback; they can also be effective in encouraging engagement with your customers and prospects too.


Make use of good old surveys


customer service surveyConducting surveys no longer requires large budgets and extensive logistics. Tools such as SurveyMonkey and Google Forms make it easy to launch a survey on any aspect of your product.

There is no guarantee that all the responses you receive from a survey will be helpful. However, you can increase the success rate of your surveys by keeping them short and relevant. Generally, a survey should not go beyond 15 questions if you want people to complete the questionnaire.

A good way to keep your surveys short is only asking relevant questions that will truly help to improve your product and user experience. The old rule of surveys is still applicable—utilize open ended questions to give your customers a chance to fully express their concerns.

An alternative to surveys is getting customers to leave feedback immediately every time they interact with your product. For example, you can integrate a feedback form into your website to allow site visitors to reach out to you about their experiences on the site.

Unlike surveys, feedback forms are immediate and typically much easier to fill out. To boost its usability, keep your feedback form very short, with no-frills.


Leverage the power of email


Sending personalized emails to your most active customers can be a great way of collecting feedback beyond the generalized surveys.

47777-20140823Although active customers will mainly have good things to say, they may also have the strongest opinion about aspects of your product that need improving.

Again, keep your survey questions short to increase engagement. Do not be too pushy but you can indicate the time when it would be convenient for your customers to get back to you with their responses.


Niche groups and discussion boards


People of a specific industry or niche are generally passionate (and critical too) of products in their niche. These are some of the best people to get feedback from.

Social media groups and niche forums will come in handy when you are looking for feedback from your own community. Use these groups to introduce new features to your product or to make adjustments that will improve user experience.


Marketers are quickly realizing that customer opinions can break or make a brand. There is only so much analytics can tell you about your customers. Wouldn’t you rather know how well your product is performing straight from the horse’s (customer’s) mouth?


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