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Social Marketing Business Ideas and Tips

Social Marketing Business Ideas and Tips

Social Media MarketingWhen creating a social network marketing business on a budget the good news is that the most effective strategies that you can utilize are free when utilizing social networking websites.

TIP: Make sure you make friends within the communities you join.  You should keep in mind that there are people who more than likely already have an interest in your products and services; and when the time is right you’ll have an opportunity to introduce your products and/or services to them.  If you receive inquiries about your products and services, you can always direct them to your business website where your products and services are explained and available for purchase.

TIP: You risk your profile becoming banned on social networking websites if your profile only contains advertising for your business. Le’s face it, if you are banned from a social networking website this would not be good for business and you have just shut yourself off to thousands or millions of potential customers.  Sometimes you can be banned from social networking websites without even knowing what you did wrong.  Make sure you familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of any social networking website, which you join.

TIP: A personal blog is great to have, it will help you to stand out from the crowd.  You can brand yourself along with your products and services.  You want to sell yourself first before you begin to sell your products and services. Your prospects need to “know,  like, and trust” you to feel comfortable taking the next step to signing up for your service or buying your product. You will want your blog to contain interesting information about you. Make it personal – add story lines in your blog postings Examples of great story lines:

  • Loss & redemption
  • Amazing discovery
  • Third person testimonials
  • Before and after
  • Us versus them

TIP: Elements of creating your “attractive character” include presenting a backstory, parables, your character flaws, polarity, to name a few helpful elements to include throughout your blog posts.

TIP: Identity – identify yourself with the type of person you are (e.g., a leader, an adventurer, a crusader, the reporter, the evangelist, or a reluctant hero).

Social network marketing is very much implanted within our current marketing society. Social networking is utilized for a great many things and is not necessarily always good things. There is a lot of unethical behavior being conducted upon social networking websites and this throws into questioning what exactly people generally are utilizing social networking for. Even with this stated, do understand that social network marketing can also be utilized to your advantage for you and your business.

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