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Just a quick note to remind all of my team members who secured their position during the pre-enrollment period. As you probably have heard by now, Quanta is launching (live) midnight 1/27 PST!!

That is an important date (actually 12:00 a.m. 1/28) the brief window is open for each of us to take the next step. That step will be to commit to the monthly participation in the Quanta opportunity along with the commitment to own one of the products (to ensure you take full advantage of earning commissions).

I’ll post more details here as I pull them from the recent teleconference which they have now made available via this link http://bit.ly/launch-details-teleconf where Jim Lutes and Jim Britt describe the launch & compensation plans further and what the window is for us to make our decision to go forward.

In the mean time, here is a quick summary of the timeline following the 1/28 12:00 a.m. Quanta is LIVE:

  • Phase 1 – 7 day Upgrade window starts and ends on February 3rd – those who are interested in firming up their interest in moving forward with the Quanta opportunity will need to upgrade to an active member, with a commitment of $24.95 monthly admin fee and the purchase of the performance platform, Fusion. This secures your position so that you can start your Quanta journey, your Quanta business, and your own Quanta team!
  • Phase 2 – February 4th & 5th Quanta goes offline to perform a “genealogical compression” where those of us who have committed to moving forward will be positioned into the business opportunity.
  • Phase 3 – The original pre-enrollment website that you joined through will be replaced (same URL that you were assigned as part of your pre-enrollment) with your replicated Quanta main intro Website and product details pages.
  • Listen to the audio recording for a few more details, and for the compensation plans be sure to log into your account on the members site for Quanta where you can download the plan in PDF format.

I am very excited to have you on my team, and I am very excited about the Quanta opportunity that we will soon begin to experience and benefit from (personally and monetarily)!

Quanta - Money - Relationships - Life

 More info soon!! Thanks for taking your first step and positioning yourself for the Quanta opportunity!


Mike Conkey

Mike Conkey, Entrepreneur

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