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Online Methods For Your Network Marketing business?

Submitted by on April 11, 2014 – 6:12 am

How do online methods convert for use in your Network Marketing business?

If you are just sticking your toe into the online world
in your Direct Sales and Network Marketing business, you
may be wondering how the tools of the “online, cyber world”
fit into your game plan. Does this describe you?

WWW - and your online business  Here is the basic concept around how things flow online:

Social sites – introduce
Blogging – converts
Websites – sell

Let’s expand on these:

Social sites introduce – these are sites such as Facebook,
YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. – the primary goal here is
to introduce YOURSELF and develop a following and build

Blogging converts – while you are developing a relationship
with some of your followers and friends online, the next
step you will want to take is to introduce them to your blog
to learn more about you and to begin to share your blogging
topics with them. This is designed to convert them into raving
fans, customers, and ultimately, recruit those who may be suited
to becoming business builders.

Websites sell – a Website and your blog may be one in the same,
or they may be two separate efforts yet be married together to
help spread your message at the same time that you are making
sales. An integral part of your Website should be the About Me/Us
page; there you will be able to tell your story along with posting
links where your followers and visitors can learn more about working
with you, your company.

In addition, whether it is part of you About Me page or is a section
on your main page, you will want to include an opt-in form where
you can begin building a contact list.

Remove blogging from your day-to-day efforts and your sales will
decrease substantially. Search engines love blogs, and you can be
successful even if you don’t know a lot about the technical side
of things that make it possible for your Website/blog to be “found.”

Just make sure you create great content that engages your audience
and doesn’t just SELL your opportunity. Use text and some video
and link out to other sites from time to time.

Those are some basics for using the tools online!

You should EXPECT that you’ll have SUCCESS! Remove all self-doubt,
starting TODAY! Banish Self-Doubt & Succeed Today!

Mike Conkey, Entrepreneur

Mike Conkey

Entrepreneur, Blogger/Trainer for Elite i Quanta Leaders Team

Elite i Quanta Leaders
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Mike Conkey

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