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Marketing (and Sales) Ideas from 2000 Still Apply Today!

Submitted by on November 3, 2013 – 12:59 am

Finding myself moving a book out of my way earlier today I decided to pick up the book and start reading it. I’ve had it in my book library since probably near the time it was written in the year 2000! What’s interesting in my brief read so far are the parables to today’s marketing, sales, social media interactions, and business in general to those in 2000. Yet back then there were not the types of  tools and services that are common in our everyday personal and business lives today (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Pinterist, and the Internet as we know it today). Here are a handful of points that were made by the author, Harry Beckwith, in his book “The Invisible Touch” ‘The Four Keys to Modern Marketing’

  • Ignore best practices. Then create them.
  • Those who market services need to figure out what decision your prospect has already made.
  • Combine existing elements in ways no one has combined them before [We have definitely witnessed this…]
  • Innovations combine things that have never been combined, often because no one believed the combination would work.
  • To create more, learn something new.
  • Before you try to sell yourself, make yourself familiar
  • Prospects do not buy what they do not comfortably understand.
  • The more elements you add to a sale, the more you risk complicating the transaction confusing the prospect, and killing the sale.
  • Before you look at your marketing look at your execution.
  • People don’t lead, purposed do

For anyone interested in the book, here’s the Amazon.com link to it: http://www.amazon.com/The-Invisible-Touch-Modern-Marketing/dp/0446524174/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1383437872&sr=8-1&keywords=The+Invisible+touch [Just bought an Audible.com version of it so I can listen to it while driving back and forth to work!] If you are like me, you’ve been able to make comparisons to every point that I pulled from his excellent book. Now to learn more and share more! Enjoy Your Day!!

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