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Make Your Landing Page Social Media Friendly in 4 Steps

Submitted by on August 21, 2014 – 7:15 pm

Make Your Landing Page Social Media Friendly in 4 Steps

It263706-20140615 is one thing to get fans and followers in your social community to click through to your landing page. But, it is an entirely different thing to get them to perform a specific action that leads to a conversion when they do land on the page.

Social landing pages have similar conversion goals as traditional landing pages. Lead generation and sales are some of the most common conversion goals.

However, social landing pages must be shareable and they should allow you to gather social proof that will help to make your brand more trustworthy.

Your Target MarketA lot of your target customers are using social media to interact with you and with others in their personal and professional circle. This necessitates that you move away from the traditional landing page to a dynamic landing page that encourages social interaction.

Make it easy to take action

Make it very clear and very easy for your fans to take a specific action. Essentially, your landing page should focus on a single action to minimize distractions.

If you want your fans to sign up for a newsletter, to purchase a product or to download an e-book, make this the focal point of the landing page.

Most landing pages are created for lead generation. To fully achieve this conversion goal, you need to be strategic about the placement of social widgets. Place your social share widgets in the confirmation page and not on the main landing page.

Why does this matter?

Your goal is not only to collect email addresses with the landing page; you also want your fans to share the offer with their social network.

Also, if someone sees the social share button after they have signed up for the newsletter (if this is your conversion goal) it is likely that they are open to interacting with you further.

Encourage conversions using social proof

Let’s face it: People are more likely to do something if they see others doing it.

Social media makes it easier for the internet marketer to use social proof and testimonials to encourage others to get on board i.e. to pursue your conversion goal, for example, signing up to your newsletter.

One way to leverage social proof is to simply add social sharing buttons on the landing page. For example, by installing the Facebook ‘Like’ widget, people who come to your landing page will see the number of people who already like your site or your Facebook page.

The Google+ and Twitter buttons also show how many people are interacting with your brand. The Twitter Faves widget is also a great tool to use to display positive brand mentions and raves by your followers.

This type of social proof can help in nudging your landing page visitors in the right direction, so to speak.

Make the experience visually seamless

The most social landing pages offer a seamless transition from social media channels to the landing page.

Your landing page should reflect the nuances of each social site that you choose to target. For example, if your target audience were specifically YouTube or Pinterest users, your landing page would require more visual elements than text.

If your main audience comes from Facebook or Twitter, make your landing page as minimalistic as possible. The idea is to focus on a single conversion point to minimize the interaction points.

The message and voice on social media channels should also be consistent with the message and voice on your landing page.

Optimize for different device

A great way to boost conversions is to target your audience based on the devices they use on a daily basis.

In effect, this will require you to create a landing page for desktop users and one that is optimized for mobile users.

In particular, mobile landing pages need to be very easy to navigate. For example, instead of asking mobile users to fill out a signup form, allow them to easily sign up through a social media widget that will promptly populate their details.


 Aligning your social media with your conversion goals can help to accelerate lead generation and even the sales process. After all, many of your customers and prospects are already utilizing social channels to interact with brands. To fully leverage the lead generation potential of social landing pages, focus on a single, precise conversion.


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