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Do You Lead With Your Product or Your Opportunity?

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Do you lead with your product or your opportunity?Network Marketers have asked this question for decades and although
the answer will vary depending on who you ask, there is really only
one right answer – lead with a solution.

No one ever bought a drill because they wanted a drill – instead,
it’s a hole in the wall that they are after. The drill provides the
solution. Likewise, very few people ever wake up and say – “Hey, I
think I will join a Network Marketing company today. I want to be a
MLM Professional.”

What really happens is they wake up and say – “I’m tired of my
boss; I’m tired of my job; I need more money; I want more control;
I want to travel and have a new car” etc.

Or, if they are in search of a solution for something that your
product line offers, that’s what they are looking for.

Your goal then is to determine what solution your “product” can
offer and offer that solution. By “product” I mean it can be either the
product of opportunity, if your prospect is looking for more money
or a financial solution, or it can be your actual company product
line or business opportunity if your prospect is looking for a
solution that can be solved through your products and/or the
opportunity your company has to offer.

This is where defining your target market becomes critical. Yes,
everyone “could” be right for the opportunity product, but not
everyone will be interested. So why waste your time or theirs?

Your number one goal is to find people each day who have a need
that your business can provide, a viable solution, and provide
that solution. From there it’s up to your prospect to decide if
that solution is right for them.

Offer a solution to your prospect and they'll join

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Offer solutions, that’s what you do! And the more solutions
you can offer to more problems, the bigger your check will grow!


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