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Sponsor Looking to Recruit Team Members and Share Successes!

Submitted by on November 3, 2013 – 7:59 pm

Let's Get This Team Motivated!

Greetings, Mike Conkey here!Mike Conkey
Hopefully you’ve had an opportunity to catch some of my blog posts from the various blogs that I manage (or at least attempt to)!

The goal of this post is specifically to reach out to have new members join my TEAMS. Yes, TEAMS! I belong to several teams myself and am looking to help sponsor members possibly like yourself who are looking for the best teams and organizations to join, to promote, and to themselves sponsor their new team members.

Again, this post is specifically geared to reach out to folks interested in joining my team and the companies that I represent.

First though I want to share more about me. I have been active on the Internet from near the real start of its use; I formed my LLC back in 1999, was ‘online’ from the start but with more of a ‘technology’ oriented focus. Then in early 2000’s I started investing in domain names, with an early sale that brought me in $8000 from the one domain name sale!! That planted a bug in me that today is still going strong. I own (have registered) over 400 domain names, all of which point to one of my “cookie cutter” websites, which at last count is somewhere around 140 individual Websites (typically loosely ‘theme’ sites based on the domain name).Click to skip my intro and get right to the
membership opportunities section of this post!
Working as a full-time Business Systems Analyst for one of McKesson‘s business units I am kept pretty busy each workday. However, in the evenings and weekends I dedicate myself to my family, my own business and financial endeavors, and my team members.As the only person in my tiny LLC who is active on the Internet, I had to take the cookie cutter approach to make it more manageable to post new helpful data and banner ads from the host of companies where I am affiliate member. An example of one of my more popular Websites is IWantToBuyThat.com; which itself needs a major overhaul considering the number of visitors that are coming to it via organic search (I do NO paid advertising).

I Want To Buy That!
I have several newer sites that are WordPress-based Websites, mainly blog sites which are in their very early stages, and sites build on the Site Build It! (SBI!) platform.

Here’s one of my affiliate links to SBI! and SiteSell in case your
. [Please pardon my use of shortening URL services like bit.ly and tinyurl.com — as an affiliate I like to protect my affiliate IDs from those whose goal is to ‘scrape sites’ and cover affiliate URLs to their own!].These 3 sites are my initial attempts at building sites on the  SBI! platform – nothing fancy but they’ll give you a basic idea of what can be done with SBI! (and show you more of my domain/Internet/topical interests):

Elder Care Assistance

Domain Buy Sell

Business Profit Opportunities
Enough about me… Here are the organizations that I belong to, and am fully 100% committed to their success, my success, and my team members’ success. I am an active sponsor available in the evening and weekends to help build my team members’ businesses and my own. Here’s the list of companies that I encourage you to learn more about and to take MASSIVE ACTION today to join each one, even if it for their trial no-cost (or $1.00 trial period) – that way you’ll see for yourself why I am actively looking for team members to join me in building our businesses and financial futures TOGETHER as a TEAM!! JOIN ME TODAY… I’ll be there to support you all along the way. Here’s the list (again I am using shortening URLs as I noted above). All company opportunities below you have the opportunity to upgrade your membership to one that provides commissions
opportunities; and 100% Commissions is the norm for the upgraded memberships.

Join me at Simple Money System and let's work together to reach our finanicial goes and create a business is residual income for LIFE! Join me TODAY!

Simple Money SystemSimple Money System – an excellent company and team that actively trains its members and helps fully explain the opportunities that exist working with them and Pure Leverage which you can join via your membership (no cost) with Simple Money System!  Please note that to learn more about

Simple Money System
you’ll want to type in your name and email address to proceed to the informational area of the site. As with ALL companies I mention in this posting, they (and I) take spamming VERY SERIOUSLY and you will NOT be spammed by providing your email address. Period!




MyLeadSystemPRO® (MLSP)

Sponsoring Secrets  Pro
– Are you looking for ways to
sponsor team members yourself (or want to soon)? You’re going to want to
share this FREE training with everyone on YOUR TEAM or with those who
might be looking for answers!!

This guy shows some FANTASTIC tactics for sponsoring tons more people
into your business…

— No more stumbling around for the right words to say!!…

— No more getting nervous over objections!!…

— No more reading off scripts like a robot!!…

This is going to change your game so watch out! This is FREE, and
there’s no fluff to it. He sponsored 23 people in just 21 days. He’s a
machine and gives up his secrets in this
FREE Webinar…

Recruiting Leaders Now!
   Are you going crazy, recruiting people into your business that you have to hand-hold over and over again? Sure, it’s awesome when we recruit someone, and we want to believe that everyone will run with this thing and make money for themselves…
Especially when you’re giving up all the training and time for them…But don’t you sometimes wish that you could bring in people who are ALREADY true leaders in their own fields. People who GET business, UNDERSTAND how business works, and KNOW that to succeed you’ve got to put your nose to the grindstone and utilize your skills!!I’ve struggled with this for quite some time now.But I just watched a great webinar, where an extremely successful 20-year veteran in the home business industry shows exactly HOW to get out of that funk, and start RECRUITING LEADERS!

If you’re like me, it makes you uncomfortable to talk to people higher up on the financial or social ladder!But not anymore!! This guy just revealed exactly what I’ve been waiting for someone to reveal to me. I guess it’s true what they say… “When the student’s ready, the teacher will appear”…Well I’ve been ready, and this guy FINALLY appeared!In fact, he even goes over a little sneaky — but killer way — to get SUPER SUCCESSFUL people interested in your business…without feeling like you’re bothering them AT ALL!!I got TONS from this webinar, you probably will too!!


Network Marketing Blogger

Pure Leverage Authority Blog
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Thank you for visiting our website, we hope to see you again!

Mike Conkey

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