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How To Squeeze The Most From Video Marketing

Submitted by on August 22, 2014 – 9:03 pm

How To Squeeze The Most From Video Marketing

Video is the present and future of online marketing and it’s easy to see why.

Studies indicate that by 2017, 67% of all online traffic will come from video.

social_you_tubeIn terms of its potential to reach mass audiences, video is unrivaled. YouTube, the second largest search engine, receives more than one billion unique views each month.

The lower production costs and the proliferation of apps have made it much easier for marketers to create and distribute videos without a large budget.

So, how do you use video to attain key goals such as lead generation, brand awareness, customer engagement, and retention?

Mapping your content to the buyer cycle

The best videos are those that fully consider the target audience. What questions are they asking? What concerns do they have?

Create content that your target audience, including customers and prospects, will deem as relevant to their specific needs.

Bear in mind that at each specific stage of the buying cycle, your customers and prospects have different needs. Build a video archive that will act as a reliable resource to make it easier for your target audience to make a buying decision.


Maximize on the power of social media

Social media allows you to get your content out to a greater audience. In fact, most people access and find videos through both niche and popular social sites.

In addition to placing your videos on YouTube, increase your reach by distributing content to other social sites where your target audience spends the most time. Go beyond Facebook or Twitter and target niche sites that offer greater user engagement.

It goes without saying that you would have to be intimately familiar with the characteristics of your target audience. On which social sites do they spend the most time? Which type of video content receives the most engagement? When is the best time to post videos?

The shareable nature of video fits perfectly well with the interactive nature of social media. Targeting the right social sites will increase the number of people who view and engage with your video content.


Use clear calls to action for lead generation

Should you gate your video content as part of your lead generation strategy?

There are advantages and disadvantages of gated content. This method of lead generation works better with mid-funnel prospects who demonstrate intent to buy. However, top funnel prospects may not be ready or willing to offer their contact information to access your videos.

A better alternative to gated content is placing strategic calls to action at the end of a free to view video.

One way to include a call to action in the video is to use YouTube annotations. Alternatively, you can integrate a sign up form to encourage your viewers to offer their contact information in exchange for something that is valuable to them.

Bottom line- use your video content to attain key metrics and conversion goals, especial lead generation.


Adopt a multichannel approach

While YouTube is the most popular video platform, it is not the only one. Short-form content has become popular among online consumers who have an increasingly short attention span.

Experiment with new tools such as Twitter Vine videos, Instagram and others to reach out to your audiences who use these platforms.

YouTube videos can also help with boosting your search rankings on Google. So go ahead and integrate your video content with your website content to establish a consistent brand message and great SEO benefits.


 Video marketing remains one of the most effective ways to capture and retain the attention of online consumers. In fact, it is possible for online marketers to get more eyeballs on their video content than on any other content form. Understanding the needs of your target audience and utilizing a multichannel approach are key to making video marketing work for you.

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