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How To Organizing Your Home-Based Business

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Organize Your Business


Act Now! Take Action NowYou have started your home-based business by choice, and by doing so you realize that it is truly a business that you need to work and remain active in each day. To be effective, you must work in an organized fashion for maximum productivity.

Below I’ve listed some ideas for getting your business organized. My suggestion is to print it out and read through it every day for a month. In doing so, you’ll focus on the ideas that are listed and you’ll find yourself with new ideas that you will want to add those to the list and begin to take action on them when the time is right for you.

Bottom line is – don’t let any of it overwhelm you.

Take it one step and action at a time and you’ll feel GREAT and be successful.

Lack of organization can slow you down and even thwart your efforts in your wonderful and successful multimillion dollar, money-making business enterprise. That’s right, it IS a multimillion dollar enterprise and so you must treat it as such! Why view it at any lesser value, right?!

The first place you’ll want to get organized is in your mind. When your mind is organized and clear on what is happening, everything else will fall into place. As many of us say, we need to know our “WHY” and by doing so we help the organizing process in our minds.

Get very clear on your WHY, and get focused on knowing what your daily method of operation will be.
Spend some time writing out everything you WANT from your business. EVERYTHING, no matter how small or seemingly large. Write it ALL down. This will assist you as you go through your day-to-day activity and life.

Get rid of clutter; things and activities that do not move you closer to your goals.

Organize your mind for business, for success, for adversity, for celebrations, for changes, for growth, for happiness and for your future.

Next, let’s get your calendar organized. Clutter comes in many forms, including doing things that eat up time but don’t add anything of value to your life or business goals.

  • Go through your calendar and block out all times that are non-negotiable and unavailable for business time. This would be family time, church, a job, etc.
  • Now, fill in other times that are taken, but possibly negotiable.
  • Next, fill in those times that you commit to working your business. Take a careful look at this calendar and the time you’ve slated for your business.
    • Is there enough time there to take you to the next level you want for your business?
  • Eliminate anything you can for now so that you can be focused.

Next, get prepared and get organized in your workspace. Set aside 2 – 4 hours to clean up, clean out and get ready.

  • Get rid of the clutter and junk that is slowing you down. Did you know that having clutter around slows you down, even if you don’t think so, because you are psychologically aware of it and it is eating into your productive time?
  • Clean out your desk drawers, files, cabinets, etc. Make space for your business.

Now, decide the top 3 methods you are going to use for building your business and then determine what tools you’ll need to be effective. Get those tools TODAY! Yes, TODAY, don’t wait!

Spend a day getting everything ready for your business building. This activity will vary depending on how you plan to build (or expand) your business.

Once you have an idea of what your methods are going to be and you have your tools ready, it is time to set your weekly action plan into motion.

In the beginning, the toughest thing about your business is knowing what to do, and who to do it to!!!

Here are those things you’ll want to be doing on a weekly basis if you are serious and this is more than a hobby:

  • At least 2 contacts a day.
  • Weekly follow up.
  • Team Building
  • Training
  • Find other networking groups and attend weekly or monthly.
  • Get on all conference calls and learn the story, educate yourself and feed your mind.

Develop your weekly game plan based on available times and chosen methods. Take that calendar back out and decide what you will do and when.

Second, be time wise. Don’t answer emails when you can be calling leads, businesses, etc. Work email after hours. Close your email program while working online to avoid distractions. Invoke the 24-48 hour rule on returning calls and emails.

Third, put your blinders on and begin to take action right now, and continue this every day for the next 90 days. Don’t look up, don’t look sideways and don’t look back! You are forward focused and looking straight ahead.

Set a course and follow it religiously for 90 days. At the end of that time, you can evaluate and make changes if necessary. Evaluating too soon will not give you accurate results.

Time For ActionFinally, know what you are going after and expect it to show up. Belief and enthusiasm toward your goal is what inspires you to action. And, inspired, MASSIVE ACTION is the most effective kind. Why? Because it comes from your true, inner drive and when we are inspired to take action, we are not taking action because we feel we have to. We are taking MASSIVE ACTION because we WANT to.

Get rid of the clutter, get the tools you need, and get your mindset in place. With these few components, there ain’t no stopping you! I’ll be reading your story everywhere!

Get a clear weekly plan and ask your sponsor to help with accountability if needed.

Just do it and make it happen! Here’s to your MASSIVE SUCCESS and to your reaching every goal that you set along your path to happiness and wealth you deserve!

Thank s for reviewing my post. I hope it has inspired you to take steps to remove the clutter and to take MASSIVE ACTION starting TODAY!

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Mike Conkey

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