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How to Continue Engaging Your Customers with Email Marketing

Submitted by on August 29, 2014 – 6:15 pm

How to Continue Engaging Your Customers with Email Marketing


There is no doubt that email can be one of the most effective tools for digital communication and permission marketing.

email marketingHowever, email marketing is also largely prone to lulls. It is one thing to build a list but it is quite something else to keep your audience engaged and motivated about your brand. Inactive users, low open rates and even lower conversion rates can become all too common, compromising the effectiveness of your email strategy.

So, how do you give your strategy a boost?

How do you jump start those lulls and plateaus and jolt your subscribers into action once more?

Reassess your content marketing plan

Relevant content is the Holy Grail of email marketing. It is what keeps your audience opening those newsletters, reading them, sharing them and taking the required action.

Granted, you could have the best, most enticing email headlines. But, if the content therein is too “salesy,” uninteresting, “spammy” or irrelevant, there is no way to get even your most loyal customers motivated to engage with you.

Reevaluate your content to see what works and what does not work. You do not necessarily have to create new content. If there was a particularly interesting blog post, video or promotion that received a lot of attention, you could redistribute this content to your list once more.

Sometimes, it is necessary that you create new and compelling content that will get heads turning and people clicking their mouse for the right reasons. A lack of fresh and interesting content could in fact be a reason why your email strategy is experiencing a lull.

Boost engagement with social media

A great way to increase interaction with your list is to integrate social media elements into your email strategy.

101483-20140517Add social sharing buttons to allow users to easily share interesting content with their own network. You can also direct subscribers to your social media pages and encourage them to engage with others in your community. People love to find and interact with others who share similar interests—after all, that is the essence of social media.


social_you_tubeAdding YouTube videos to your emails can increase open rates and engagement rates. Both mobile and desktop users are more likely to sit through a video than they are to read an entire newsletter. Inevitably, videos are also more shareable across most social channels.

Experiment with email timing

Increasing customer engagement could be as easy as just sending them emails on Tuesdays instead of the usual Friday afternoon.

The truth is, there is no strict time when you should be sending emails. However, if you are not achieving certain email conversion goals, one thing you could A/B test is different timings.

Depending on your audience, you might have to start sending emails at different times and days when they are more likely to open emails and take action if necessary.

The frequency at which you communicate with your list also has an impact on the engagement rates. Ideally, when they were opting in, your prospects should have had the option of choosing how often they want to hear from you.

It will pay off to undertake A/B testing for email frequency to see the response from your list. It could be that your prospects and customers want to hear more or less from you.

Incentivize your customer to trigger re-engagement

Giveaways, contests, offers and discounts can rejuvenate interest in your business.

Make your incentives more interactive by integrating them with social media. For example, in your email, you could direct your subscribers to a Facebook page to participate in a giveaway or to access discounted products.

Alternatively, you could ask your subscribers to record a video around a certain theme and post it to YouTube for a chance to win.

All in all, a freebie or a good discount will cause your subscribers to sit up and listen.

Use surveys to get your audience interested

Finally, online tools such as SurveyMonkey  have made it easy to start a poll. Polls or surveys are excellent tools to get your subscribers involved.

You can poll for anything, for example, asking your subscribers to suggest blog topics or to vote between the better products. What’s really interesting about polls is that they are interactive, community-based and they also show your subscribers that you value their input.

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