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How to Attract the Right Traffic with Your SEO Strategy

Submitted by on August 10, 2014 – 12:38 pm

How to Attract the Right Traffic with Your SEO Strategy

Watching your traffic grow by leaps and bounds is every marketer’s dream. After all, traffic (or a lack of it) can make or break your business.

But, in the world of inbound marketing, there are two different types of traffic—the right type of traffic and the wrong one. Without a doubt, your marketing efforts should be focusing on generating the right type of traffic.

What is the right traffic?

Ideally, you want most of the people who visit your website or landing page to undertake a specific conversion event. This could be purchasing a product, signing up for your newsletter, downloading a free app or e-book etc.

In other words, the right traffic is people who are interested in your product or service offering and have a likelihood of converting and becoming customers.

In 2014, SEO has changed significantly. It is no longer about spending a higher budget on competitive, high volume keywords or exchanging links. Adapting your SEO strategy to the current trends is essential to attracting and retaining the right audience.

Content marketing is the new SEO

SEO - strategizeWhile there is no secret sauce for SEO, content marketing can certainly help with rankings and traffic generation.

Long gone are the days when you could just use a couple of keywords on a blog article and watch your rankings and traffic grow. Today, content marketing requires a lot effort and strategizing to come up with content assets that meet the needs of your target audience.

Instead of relying on just one type of content to reach out to your audience, diversify your content assets to include videos, blog posts, whitepapers, social media posts, photos and e-books as well.

Marketers who regularly create and distribute high quality content are rewarded with higher rankings, brand awareness, and high converting traffic.

A solid understanding of the technicalities of SEO and keyword research should back your content marketing efforts.

Leverage the power of social media

It is no longer debatable whether social media has an impact on search results and website traffic.

Online marketing - drive traffic to your websiteOne way that social media can help to generate traffic is through increased brand awareness. Social channels allow you to get your brand out to a wider audience. Those who have an intention to find out about your product will likely perform a Google search for your brand name. There is a greater likelihood of being ranked highly when your brand is attracting a high search query volume.

Many social media users are using social search engines to find brands and products instead of searching using Google. Optimizing your social content with the right long-tail keywords will make it much easier for your target audience to find you on their favorite social site.

More importantly, setting up your Google Authorship is a competitive yet incredibly powerful way to improve ranking and drive traffic.

Although no one knows how Google’s algorithm works, it is safe to say that creating and sharing high quality content regularly, and having other people link to your content are all elements that contribute to boosting your authorship.

Reports show that internet users are likelier to click through a link that is accompanied by a mug shot. Authorship allows you to build trust and to display your expertise to your target audience.

When you are seen as trustworthy in your niche, it becomes so much easier and likely that your site visitors will undertake specific conversion events.

Don’t forget about your mobile audience

A large majority of internet users are using mobile devices to browse products, access social media and to check out their favorite brands.

Not surprisingly, studies show that up to 90% of mobile users make a purchase after interacting with a brand.

Essentially, those who access your website, storefront, or landing page via their mobile devices are more likely to have a conversion intention. It is key that you optimize your website to capture and retain this ‘hot’ mobile audience.

To appeal to the usability nuances of mobile, create conversational content that your mobile audience is likely to be searching. This is in line with Google Hummingbird updates that now make semantic search an important ranking factor, especially for mobile sites.

***SEO strategies  for website traffic increase*

Your SEO efforts are only worthwhile to the extent that they are drawing in the right audience – potential customers with a strong conversion intention.

In addition to mapping out your ideal buyer and undertaking careful keyword research, your SEO strategy should also hinge on predominant trends such as mobile and social media.

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