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Have Objections Got You Down?

Submitted by on March 16, 2014 – 9:35 pm

Have Objections Got You Down? Don’t let objections throw you!


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When you are first getting started in a business, it is
easy to let other people’s objections throw you. Here are
some ideas to help you better understand what is going on and
how to deal with it.

First, understand that before you invest any time and energy into a
prospect, you want to make sure they are qualified. You must find
out what they need, want and do not want as it pertains to a
business. If you know these things, objections are always much
easier to work with as you will then have the knowledge you need
to help overcome their objections.

Next, understand and respect the value in what you have; what you
are offering and your involvement in the industry. If you have
doubts, they will show up one way or another. Work through your
doubts and become unstoppable. You don’t need anyone’s approval
except your own.

Third, go through your own most common objections and work through
some answers that feel comfortable to you, and just be prepared.
assumptions if you aren’t sure what they are saying or asking. Seek clarity.

Lastly, just know that sometimes, people simply cannot tell you no. They will
present all kinds of challenges, objections and reasons why they aren’t
interested instead of just saying “no thanks.”

With that in mind, always let your prospect know up front that you will
not be offended if they decide your opportunity is not for them. It won’t
hurt your feelings and you won’t pester them, attempting to change their mind.

Ask them to tell you right up front if they are simply not interested. That
will save them from facing possibly an uncomfortable situation for
them later, and taking up of their valuable time when they know early-on
that it just isn’t the right time or opportunity for them.

Thank them and move on to your next prospect!

Mike Conkey, Entrepreneur & Blogger

Mike Conkey

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