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Your Activity Produces Productivity

Submitted by on June 22, 2014 – 9:20 am

Your Activity Produces Productivity!

There is no time like right now to begin a program of action, MASSIVE ACTION. It doesn’t matter if you have been in the business for two days, two weeks, two months, or even two years; or whether you are conducting your home-based business part-time or full-time. Set in your mind that starting TODAY you will begin your program of daily MASSIVE ACTION. Period!

Today is a new day and it is YOUR day!

Act Now!


ACT and look successful. Dress for success!

ACT like an achiever!

ACT as if it is impossible to fail. After all, it is impossible to fail. Keep failing forward to success.

  • That’s what Thomas Edison did! He didn’t get the light bulb right the first time.
  • That’s what Colonel Sanders did. He was turned down for his chicken recipe hundreds of times!

So, you need to follow in the footsteps of GREATNESS!

Even indecision is a decision!

Time For ActionSo, decide to be in ACTION and be successful. Take MASSIVE ACTION starting today and witness our successes come rolling in!

Create your action plan and track your actions in a simple, spiral notebook and SOAR! Keep the tracking simple so that you do consistently track your actions, every day and throughout each day. You’d be surprised how a simple act of taking 15 seconds to write down an action step that you just took can be helpful later when you are planning (or readjusting your plan) for the next day.

Here’s to your continued success and your moving forward towards your dreams, goals, and rewards!


Mike Conkey, Entrepreneur

Mike Conkey

Entrepreneur, Blogger/Trainer for Elite i Quanta Leaders Team

Elite i Quanta Leaders
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Mike Conkey

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