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7 Qualities of Successful Home Business Owners

Submitted by on May 25, 2014 – 12:42 pm

7 Qualities of Successful Home Business Owners

Are you wondering what it takes to really be successful in your own business?
Here are  some simple qualities for achieving what you want.

One thing that all successful home business owners and Network Marketers share
is that they are “Action Takers

Action Takers Succeed in Business

Action Takers do the following things:

1. They (we) invest in their education and learning. They attend online Webinars
and workshops, buy books, CDs, DVDs and other products and then apply what
they learn! It’s the ‘applying’ of our new found knowledge that will make the difference.

2. They (we) set goals and focus on the one or two things needed to achieve those
goals. And we write them down – making them ingrained in day-to-day planning
and part of our daily action steps.

3. We DON’T ever quit! We simply DO NOT QUIT, period.

4. We aren’t afraid to make mistakes and we focus on learning from those mistakes.

5. We make the time to succeed. This might mean giving up TV or other unproductive
activities. We are more afraid not to do this than to do it.

6. We change our mindset around money, success and the whole job mentality.

7. We help others along their journey to success. Always ask yourself –
how many people can I help today, tomorrow, next week and beyond?

Incorporate these qualities into our lives and business and success will be ours!

Thank you for taking the time to review my post. Now let’s go out and build our
business and our teams so that we too witness the success we are all striving for!


Mike Conkey, Entrepreneur

Mike Conkey

Entrepreneur, Blogger/Trainer for Elite i Quanta Leaders Team

Elite i Quanta Leaders
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