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8 Self Development Principles For Product Creators

Submitted by on July 30, 2016 – 11:21 pm

Preparing Yourself As A Product Creator

Be prepared for dealing with customers. Not 100% of buyers are going to be “cool” people. Some of them may not like your content, may have a problem using it, etc… and they may take it out on you. Be prepared for this and just know that you have done a good job and this person has no bearing over your success.

This is something you can just mentally prepare for and deal with these things as they come along. Even if you don’t take it well, that’s ok… you eventually will. Do NOT let this stop you!

Start building a list of reasons why you should feel confident and proud of your work. Stack it up in your mind and keep reminding yourself that you are delivering value and doing a good job. Anyone who challenges you or complains will not be able to affect your confidence because you use this list to stay positive

Use Constructive Input To Improve

Listen to ALL feedback whether it is positive or negative. Every time you get feedback, see it as an opportunity for growth. Keep a list of all suggestions below and use them as action items:

Handle Complainers With Class

Remember that your reputation is important. If you have good content, people will support you. Complainers will still come along and sometimes confront you. You don’t have to take their criticisms lying down… but you can handle it with class.

Outright yelling at them or bashing them may make other people think you are a jerk.. and if you aren’t a jerk, you don’t want to create that reputation.

Ask For Testimonials And Dwell On Them

Not only can you use these to help sell future offers, these will feed your mind and your confidence levels. This is like your own little success journal.

Use the box below to paste EVERY testimonial as it comes in. Read these regularly.

Maximize Your Productivity

Question 1 – What is your WHY?

What is your driving force. What is the motivator that is making you want to become a product creator in the first place. List out all of the reasons why:

Productivity Tips

Work in focused blocks of time. List your focus time blocks below and commit to closing all distractions (chat, email, phone, etc…).

Visualize the entire process of product idea to product for sale

Use a text description of everything you are going to do to help you really think about the details.

Recognize when you are not being effective

List some other activities you can do when you are in a rut or a mode of non productivity.

Use competition to your advantage

Create a competition with your friends. Challenge yourself to achieve new levels of success. Hold yourself accountable.

List 3 ways you can make yourself more productive through competition.

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