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4 Facebook Marketing Strategies That Will Give You Results

Submitted by on August 9, 2014 – 7:43 pm

4 Facebook Marketing Strategies That Will Give You Results

Facebok social networkWith over a billion active users available on Facebook, how do you squeeze the most out of this popular social network?

How do you reach out to your target audience, increase engagements, leads, and boost conversions?

There is a lot of debate about whether Facebook marketing can give you tangible results such as increased sales and brand awareness. Facebook continues to be an even more powerful outlet for reaching out to customers and prospects that would have otherwise been unreachable.

Here’s what the pros are doing to market their business on Facebook:

Your Target Market Use Audience Insights to Effectively Target Your Audience

To get the most bang for your buck spent on advertising and content creation, you need to fully understand your audience—what types of ads appeal most to them? What type of content do they engage most with?

Facebook’s Audience Insights allows you to see what your target audience likes and what they engage with before you spend money on advertising.

You can target your posts and ads based on a wide array of demographics and criteria such as gender, age, interests, location, lifestyle purchases, and advanced filters such as relationship status, the pages they like, education level, job title and so much more.

When you are clear about who your audience is and what they look like, you will be able to effectively tailor your Facebook content and ad strategy to these specificities.

Re-targeting your website visitors

The people who visit your website are potential leads and you should not let them go.

Use the Website Custom Audience feature under the Power Editor to re-target your website visitors. This is an excellent lead nurturing strategy that continues to keep you in front of your potential leads as well as existing customers when they visit Facebook.

In addition to your website visitors, you can also re-target your ads and posts to email subscribers, existing customers or fans as well as other audiences who are affiliated to your fans.

You will find the Custom Audience features under the Facebook Ad Manager.

Don’t be afraid to promote or boost posts

It is becoming harder and harder for marketers to be seen on Facebook’s News Feed. Organic search alone will not make you visible to your fans and target audience, making it necessary to pay for ads that can increase your visibility.

Facebook promoted and boosted posts allow you to target your content to a specific audience and ensure they see your posts.

It is much easier to create a Facebook ad with the Boosted Posts option compared to the Promoted Posts option. However, Promoted Posts provide you with more targeting and bidding preferences. Even then, both perform the same function—to make you visible to a specific target audience.

You do not need to promote all your content, just the really important posts. It is a good idea to promote posts that will help to grow your email list, for example, you my promote giveaways or ebooks.

Generate leads with a giveaway

Unrestricted PLR eBooks for freeWith so much content being posted on Facebook each day, it is easy for your own brand to get lost in the clutter.

Giveaways are one of the best ways to draw attention to your brand, as well as generate engagement and leads.

The most successful giveaways on Facebook provide their audience with a clear benefit or offer and easy to follow instructions on how to participate. If you are going to direct fans to a landing page, ensure that the information on the landing page is similar to what you promised in the Facebook ad.


Admittedly, the rules are changing fast on Facebook. It is no longer enough to post a status update or to buy right hand column ads. Smart marketers are going beyond the hard sell to generate leads and boost engagement. To make the most of Facebook, you need to stay ahead of the game by making yourself visible to your customers and prospects, even if it means paying to promote some of your content.

Success path - straight aheadHere’s to your success at developing the Facebook marketing strategies that work for you. There are hundreds if not thousands of resources to reference during your planning and development phases; be sure to take advantage of them, many of which will be available at low or no cost to you.

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