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3 Tricks of the Trade That Get Significant SEO Results

Submitted by on August 2, 2015 – 9:44 am

Superb SEO: 3 game changing techniques that will help gain significant results for your online business

Dollarphotoclub_38544926_SEO-man_w50The best online businesses in the world are experts at dominating the online search engines. For this, they are required to invest an incredible amount of time and effort into climbing up the search engine ladders. As a novice entrepreneur or marketer, this may seem like a gigantic task that is beyond your capabilities.

The truth is that you can crack the SEO code quite easily with the help of a few simple tricks and tips that your competitors may not be aware of. Today, you are going to learn about 3 of these game changing tricks that are sure to produce outstanding results.

1) Acquire a Google Places Page

If you have done your homework on SEO, then you probably have come across a word on multiple occasions, and that is “local”. Google is increasingly prioritizing local search with every new day. The problem is that most people are not aware of how local search really works. It all starts with acquiring a Google Places page. To improve your Google Places ranking, you need to post your address as frequently as possible and attain more positive reviews than your rivals. It really is that simple.

2) Keep An Eye On Internal Link Structure

Backlinks from other websites aren’t the only things you should be concerned about when planning your SEO strategy. Links on your own site can have a significant contribution to the success or failure of your SEO strategy. Since Google rewards pages that are what they claim to be, you should select a poorly performing page from your website and drive more links to it than the other pages.

3) Research Your Competition

If you want to improve your own SEO tactics, you must take a page or two from your competitor’s book. You can do this by typing in a popular keyword from your field of business and clicking on the first three or four links. These will lead you to your competitors’ websites. Take note of the structure of the pages, the headlines, the length of the text and any other detail that is relevant to sharpening your SEO skills.

SEO is not as mind boggling as some people make it out to be. It’s all about learning the shortcuts to success and knowing when and how to adopt new tactics.

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